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But insiders say Vernon, who currently plays for in the Turkish Basketball League has a little bambino on the way with a well known Miami working girl.Sources tells Baller Alert, What does it matter who Vernon is dating or f****g .God bless Vernon and her because he will need it having to know his babymother is one of the biggest prostitutes in miami.Lets pray the baby is his and he didnt catch anything from that dirty girl. Then you have Brooke that Vernon probably has been sleeping with everytime he goes to LA.

Maria is a known to be a groupie who has slept alot of athletes and celebs. she hasnt even been dating him for a year and if she has she has been sleeping around with many other guys for a FACT! You can ask any guy who is from Miami who plays ball or ever been there they will tell you she's a prostitute.La Tosha Duffey and Angel Love joined the main cast.surfaced as one, big (seemingly) happy family at model Brooke Bailey’s birthday bash over the weekend. I'm originally from Los Angeles and I came to Charlotte a little over a year ago to host a few parties and loved the surroundings so I decided to get a place. I sometimes forget my newfound status in the world as 'Brooke Bailey from You know, I really don't know. It's really funny because sometimes I look at them like 'Do I know them from somewhere' because I'm horrible with names and faces.

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  1. It’s a given that if someone is abusing alcohol or drugs the relationship will be unhealthy, but there are many other warning signs that you should be aware of. Any behavior that is aggressive is unhealthy, but actual physical abuse is just one type of aggressive behavior.