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It is hard for western foreigners to sometimes to appreciate the difference between Thai culture and western culture.One of the obvious ways to illustrate this is to point out that for Thai women the concept of God is sometimes difficult to understand.For a Thai woman, there is respect and duty to her husband and to her parents. In western countries, relationships and love have become enmeshed in sexuality and sex.But Thailand and Thai culture has a decidedly modest approach to sex.These can be found particularly in the personal and religious sphere.

The Thai authorities at the time had the option to impose life imprisonment or degradation of status to 'elephant rearer'.Most respectable Thai people but particularly more contemporary Thais will admit that the Thai prostitution industry is an embarrassment.But the sight of Thai women openly in love with foreigners is more offensive to some more traditional and conservative Thais even today in the midst of a growing acceptance by many.Undoubtedly there has been a change in attitudes within Thai society towards Thai women finding love with foreigners and today many single Thai women from educated backgrounds with good jobs, often government jobs, seek love with foreigners.However it would be true to say that there is still a conservative voice among some quarters of Thai society that disapproves.

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