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It’s time for you to get out there and start making things happen for you. A quick tip: Smiling and laughing makes you feel better by releasing chemicals in your brain.That’s why I wrote down some dating advice for the newly single man to help you jumpstart your all new social life. Before you head out, stand in the mirror and test your smile while you listen to some good music to get your energy state up.It’s going to have you in much better spirits than the opposite and besides, the past is behind you. Even if you don’t meet a goal, don’t be down; Just wait until the next time you go out and shatter the goal. This is the online version of The Art of Charm Boot Camp we normally charge thousands for.Right now we’re running a special where you pay just one dollar and get all the secrets that normally cost thousands.With all the great things in your future, there’s no reason for you to dwell on the past. When you meet a goal, you feel on top of the world.

While there’s always a sense of loss, you know that good, even great, things are on the horizon. These are the times you most need to get out, keep moving and stay positive.But don’t let your frustrations get to you, or you may start feeling reckless in love.Rely on your intuition when you meet a new guy, but don’t be too judgmental or picky from the very first moment you meet him.[Read: How to be irresistibly attractive to guys without making any changes obvious! Never go looking for your old relationship in a new one, and don’t go looking for your ex’s qualities in your present lover.If you constantly try to look for similarities, you’ll end up finding someone who’s exactly like your ex, and that may not really work in your favor.

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