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Dropping her legs over the side of the bed, Patti stood, catching a glimpse of her shapely body in the mirror. "She must be going to ride Blazer."Quickly, Patti pulled on a pair of tight faded shorts and a loose terry top. She stared at the giant beast, remembering her first sexual contact with the beautiful beast. He rubbed his thick lips over her ass crack, soaking her wrinkled asshole in warm drool."Blazer ... He attacked her ass crack again, his thick broad tongue stretching the tight ring of her asshole.

She leaned against the wall as the shock weakened her. "Maybe I'll strip for you and you can eat me." Her own words still sounded strange to her ears. "Oooo, Christ, I love it so much."She knew she always would. Patti gawked through the small window at her mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she whispered, wishing she was in the barn, too. Tits flopping, head jerking back and forth, soft dark hair swishing over her flushed face, Alice maintained her balance as Blazer pranced around the barn. Pulsing muscles inside Alice's cunt beat against her empty channel. Alice lost her balance and fell from the horse's back, tumbling into the pile of dry hay. "Oh, shit," she mumbled, wanting to be there and enjoy the same things. She rolled over in the hay, giggling as the hay jabbed into the flesh of her tits, soft belly, and thighs."How about my asshole?

She scrambled away, catching sight of Blazer's huge cock sticking out at attention."Oh, my God," she cried, pulling herself to her feet. "Later, Blazer," she gasped, an image of his giant dick etched in her mind. She found herself trembling and couldn't stop the churning in her virgin pussy. She tore at her shorts, shoving them down over her slim girlish hips. " She laughed again, high on her own voice and raging passion. Seeing what her mother had done with the stallion, gave the innocent child a sense of reckless abandonment. I'm ..." The words caught in her throat as the first orgasm swept through her pussy, leaving her trembling in ecstasy. Warm sudsy pussy cream flowed from her cunt and soaked her fingers, dribbling down the cheeks of her tight jiggling ass. Her blue eyes widened as the intensity of her orgasm grew stronger, more demanding. Her head snapped from side to side, drool seeped from the corners of her gasping mouth, and her face turned beet red.

"Later, then I'll treat you."Patti's heart skipped a beat as she watched her mother begin to dress. "Nice, Blazer." She soothed the agitated beast with her words, calming him. "Later I'll take care of your cock." She giggled and left the barn, squinting against the bright morning sun. "Oh, God, I gotta cum."Forgetting about everything but her own raging lust, the blonde teenager raced upstairs to her room. Nervously, she stripped off her top and looked at her budding tits in the mirror. With her heart pounding, she stared at her lithe figure, silky blonde pussy mound, and small sensitive tits. She strutted over to the full-length mirror and feasted on the sight of her own youthful body."Ohhh, Blazer," she cooed. Her urgent fingers stroked down between her parted thighs, touching the moist gash of her virgin cunt. Dizzy with an overwhelming passion, she straddled the door and rubbed her cunt along the hard edge, shaking and whimpering as the wood mashed her clit. Her long slender legs stiffened, slapping up and down on the bed. She bit her hand and collapsed back on the bed, quivering in the tingling aftermath of her first truly great orgasm.

She sobbed incoherently, watching through glazed eyes as Blazer's head swooped down to her cunt. His tongue jammed the entrance to her pussy, then pierced the hole in one quick darting stab.

Her cunt muscles pulsed greedily against the welcomed invader.

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