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(Phil Health) is considering adjusting premium contributions of members to ensure the sustainability and viability of the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP).

Apo Whang Od started with the hawk and her granddaughter Grace finished with the scorpion.

In a sense, we became each other’s fallback,” Rhian shared with reporters during the press conference for the Jason Paul Laxamana film distributed by Star Cinema.

Jason, who also wrote the script, said the material was inspired by a British study that said almost 50 percent of women (in the United Kingdom) have fallback lovers.

He then courted me and that created problems for my current guy.After one gets her heart broken, she finds a replacement to fill the void, while the fallback lover is her reserve.She starts looking for one even while she is still in a relationship.” Rhian pointed out: “Honestly, it’s not fun to have a fallback. But if asked, I’d rather be a fallback lover because, at least, I know who I want for myself and I’m not the one who’s confused.The unravelling controversy over the possible involvement of Bureau of Customs (BOC) officials in the smuggling of P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China has demonstrated President Duterte’s lies and hypocrisy, Sen.With new infections doubling in the past six years to over 10,000 new cases in 2016 alone, the Philippines is facing an “unprecedented HIV crisis,” the global medical journal The Lancet said yesterday.

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