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it is usually something like 123-456-789 the only problem would be AFTER you have clicked ok and run the support program, you can watch what they are doing so you can see what they do.from the opening message it appears that they clicked ok then disconnected so they may not have had time to actually do anything.Hi all, I got same phone call and got to the stage of going to www .site but than my slow alarm bells went off and terminated the session. PLEASE let me know ASAP things to know about this scam.1 the errors they show you is totally normal these files will be found on 99.999999% of all computers. Turns out she followed everything they was saying on the phone till they had full control of her PC...They cannot access your computer through unless or until you allow them to access.

it is what they do when they have control which can install viruses, but if they did not access your machine then passwords will be secure even if you clicked ok and then disconnected.So I told him to put a block on his account and ask for a new debit card then I sorted out his pc for hin.The company that scammed him had logged onto his system and had actually placed something on it that was a virus.So I got rid of it and blocked any further attempts into his system apart from trusted users and sites.FWIW: I just wonder how many unskilled users have fallen for this scam.

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since it generates one whenever there is a problem with any program. is exactly that same for every single copy of windows. She was still on the phone to them when she rang me, and I told her to just pull out the power cable to the modem...

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