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The Rhind Papyrus also asks questions like "From a certain amount of grain, how many loaves can be baked?

" or "Given a ramp of length x and height y, how many bricks are needed?

The geometry of Pythagoras, Eudoxus, Plato, and Euclid was learned in Nile Valley temples. 56 in the Rhind Papyrus gives an equation to find the angle of the slope of a pyramid's face, which in fact is its cotangent.

Thus, trigonometry was also developed earliest in the Nile Valley.

The advanced state of this math is confirmed by an architectural drawing even older than the Rhind Papyrus that shows that Nilotic engineers had learned to find the area under a curve more than 5,000 years ago.

Four mathematical papyri still survive, most importantly the Rhind mathematical papyrus dating to 1832 B. Not only do these papyri show that the priests had mastered all the processes of arithmetic, including a theory of number, but had developed formulas enabling them to find solutions of problems with one and two unknowns, along with "think of a number problems." With all of this plus the arithmetic and geometric progressions they discovered, it is evident that by 1832 B. With a cotangent, one automatically has a tangent by taking the inverse of the cotangent.

Moreover, the means were present with pyramidal models to obtain sine and cosine values.

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