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Rated for Violence/Gore, Sexual content, and some language.After the defeat of Voldmort didn't turn out quite like he envisioned, Harry stared into the Abyss preparing to prove something to himself, instead he tumbles into an experience he never expected, and he doesn't go alone. Senna should have known that even in her third life as Death's pawn, nothing would be easy.He was born a bastard and he always believed he will remain as one until the day he stumbled upon old documents, letters and truth... Fifteen years later Harry returns to fulfil his destiny. The Dragonborn lost the fight in Sovngarde, now he is at the mercy of Alduin. Sometimes when all is lost, a person has no choice but to become... Watch, as Harry finally breaks and turns his own world upside down.(Jon XDany) (All credits to HBO, GRRM except for the OC and some scenes that I invented.)Harry and Daphne find themseves trapped in a hasty marriage after a drunken night, and there is no way out. Warnings: underage drinking, probably a lemon or two, and Weasley bashing. With the help of his friends and family, the Boy Who Lived will fight a very different battle this time. Will he escape or will he submit to her in the end? None will be spared in his mission to destroy the corrupted Ministry of Magic, who have betrayed everything Harry thought they once stood for. Of all these, I prefer AU where Harry was sorted to Slytherin, ! I found it a very bad joke when Harry got Ginny and I always found Ron annoying. Adam is the real Boy-Who-Lived..Neville Longbottom! Uzumaki Naruto sacrificed his life to protect the precious person but instead of going to the afterlife, Naruto finds himself face to face with the remains of a soul that was locked away deep within his own soul. Considering that, I have always been a HHr dreamer, until a couple of months ago, I discovered Haphne and I have to say, it is awesome. I should, however, express my regrets that there are so few of Harry Daphne pairings out there. I'm not a fan of the whole Harem thing and although there are a couple of Harry Hermione Daphne I enjoyed, I prefer monogamous Harry Daphne. I don't like the Weasleys so they will most likely be bashed one way or another. Both of them, however, hold a secret which not even their girlfriends know...Seven years after the Cell Games, our favorite half breed has become a hollow shell of who he used to be and now not even his closest friend Piccolo can approach him.Can a certain raven haired girl save him from himself.

Recalling what had happened with Hodor, he attempts to do it again, but in the opposite direction.But as they begin another year, the affliction that is their foe has spread further than they realised as another is added to their circle and with the acceptance of their destiny, they shall meet a foe far deadlier than they had ever known before. It says something about her parenting that Uchiha Itachi is considered a better prospect for raising a child. Rather than twisting Harry's personality, it darkened his aura. Unfortunately for the new student of Orange Star High, Hercule Appreciation Day fell on the exact same day in which his father died.Young Hari is raised by one of the most infamous nukenin of all time and a cadre of "Uncles" whose cumulative effect is very . And the dark creatures of the magical world really liked that aura. Sucks to be a Dark Lord trying to make your comeback. With anger slowly building up over time due to insults being flung his way for a multitude of things, it causes a chain of events that force Gohan to come of age.(REMASTERED) Rewritten story-line of DBZ post-Cell.He succeeds, though not as cleanly as he would have liked What's a boy to do when he's lost everything and everyone?Gohan decided that the best thing to do is to never get close to anyone again.

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