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Our thorough sign-up process and long-term emphasis mean that it would be more accurate to call e Harmony a relationship site rather than a dating site.This means that everyone you meet on our Christian relationship site will be serious about finding someone special from dating online.Just remember, don’t answer the questionnaire with an eye to how you’d want to be perceived.Only by being yourself will you find a truly perfect match.

That’s why, unlike other dating agencies, we get to know every one of our members in detail before we even begin matching.

Further to making the best possible matches, we also understand that people may have their own personal preferences when it comes to dating. Our preferences page helps you narrow down your matches, streamlining them to suit your needs.

This could be a choice of cultural background, languages spoken, or country of origin, for example.

If you’re just looking for those in your local area, you could specify a radius from your address.

Alternatively, you could search your whole state, or perhaps even the whole of Australia.

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