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You tell him/her more about what you want out of life, what your disappointments are in your marriage and feel they are more understanding than your spouse.5.

Do you think about them often and look forward to the next time you will be able to chat with them? Do you keep it to yourself because you know your spouse would react negatively?Online affairs almost always lead to a desire to meet each other in real life.That is when something you think is harmless becomes destructive.Riccardo G.’s profile on Couch, the website that partners intrepid wanderers with willing hosts, notes that he lives in the “best neighborhood to go out and have drinks,” that he offers a “cozy/clean/nice sofa/couch” and that he’ll even let you bring your “small dog, if you just can’t live without him.” He describes himself as “amazing, outgoing, funny, smart” and says his interests include friends, eating, drinking, the gym and puppies.His photos show the good-humored Latin American native — dark, handsome, and fit — in exotic destinations around the world, from Cairo to Capri.

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Nowhere does the profile state explicitly that if you are an attractive female traveler, you might skip the couch entirely and wind up in Riccardo’s bed, but it’s a good possibility.

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